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Happy Home = Happy Life

Happy Home = Happy Life

  • Why your home dictates the life you live and the simple ways you can improve it

  • Most people have heard (and agree with!) the “happy wife, happy life” notion centered around the idea that a wife’s happiness is crucial to the overall happiness of the couple. The truth is, creating a life you love starts with your home and affects more than just you and your spouse. Here are three reasons why the home you create dictates the life that you and your family live and some simple ways you can improve your space.

  • 1. It’s where you spend most of your time

    Aside from the time spent at work, most of our lives are spent in the home. The difference is we have more control over our home environment than we do at work. As a result, we have the opportunity to transform our homes into a happy retreat. 

    Consider boosting your mood at home by tantalizing your five senses. For example, please your sense of sight by opening the curtains during the day to let the sun shine in. You’ll brighten up your space while improving your Vitamin D levels, which has been shown to ultimately lift spirits. Give your sense of sound a break by encouraging family members to use “inside voices” to set your home’s overall tone and play relaxing music when lounging in common areas. By soothing the senses and you’ll feel the difference.

  • 2. It’s a reflection of who you are

    It is often said that a person’s current mental state or personality is reflected in their home, but this doesn’t just mean their décor or the colors on their walls. The cleanliness of the home can have a direct impact on a person’s stress (or lack thereof) levels and clarity of mind, as well as the feel-good mentality that helps them approach each day in a positive and productive way. Simply put – clean feels good. 

    Of course, cleaning is often a dreaded task. According to recent a survey by Scotch-Brite Brand, 56% of Americans with significant others have bribed their mate to clean up after cooking. Try to “clean as you go,” meaning, the second you make a mess, no matter the size, tackle it immediately. So for example, instead of waiting until the sink fills up at the end of a meal, wash the cutting boards and mixing bowls you used the prep your dinner while your meal is on the stove or in the oven. I partnered with Scotch-Brite Brand because they offer a variety of tools that help you reach a “clean high” every day. Take the Extreme Scrub Products, for example, which eliminates the need for pre-soaking so you can tackle tough messes easily as they happen. You’ll not only minimize a cluttered sink, but you’ll eliminate odors that can result from dirty dishes and left over food. Ahhhh

  • 3. It’s where family memories are made

    Many of our fondest childhood memories are related to experiences in the home – such as a favorite bedtime ritual or holiday family traditions. Whenever we become stressed or upset, we often look back on those memories to lift our spirits, which is why it’s important to create those bonding experiences regularly.

    Creating these moments doesn’t require a lot of work or money. One of my favorite traditions is a nightly discussion at the dinner table in which every member of the family shares what the best part of their day was. Not only does it allow the individual to reflect on what made them happy and relive the moment, but it also creates a ritual everyone can look forward to at the day’s end.

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